Coming soon... CREATE cool designs on underwear from our top-quality blanks!

A set of five female cotton underwear (cupcakes pattern, yellow, blue, green and hot pink) hanging with cloth pins.

Thinking Panties® – The Original Underwear You Can Write on – is now transitioning into a fun place to learn tricks and techniques to design creative gifts to sell, to enjoy yourself, or to give to anyone. Expect cool ideas easy to reproduce, links to awesome tools, free SVGs, blanks for your projects, etc.

a Cricut joy machine is used to cut silhouettes. there is a mini heat press in front of it.

Although there is more to it, to embellish cotton underwear, all you really need is a Cricut joy, a mini heat-press, and some HTV scraps 🙂

several logos of magazines and television networks with a female model on lower right corner
Several different logo styles and sizes from famous television networks and recognized magazines. There is female model on the right side
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