CREATE cool designs on underwear from our top quality blanks!

Thinking Panties® is now transitioned into a fun place to learn tricks and techniques to design creative gifts to sell, to enjoy yourself, or to give to anyone. Expect cool tutorials that are easy to follow, links to awesome tools, free SVGs, blanks for your projects, etc.

Although there is more to it, to embellish cotton underwear, all you really need is a Cricut joy, a mini heat press, and some HTV scraps 🙂

The Designer

Fabiana is an entrepreneurial Latina mom, actor, and designer. She realized that panties can define us, regardless of our birth sex. They are also a great means to deliver a message. Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh my… if these panties could talk? Or think?” Thinking Panties® was designed to offer a fun and different way to send a personal note. Panties can be a unique and cute gift/souvenir to make anyone smile, with or without a sexual connotation.

Fabiana lives in Los Angeles, a perfect place for her to succeed in her acting career. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of Italian and Basque descend, from where she draws much of her unique creativity.

Thinking Panties® has been featured in several magazines and TV shows, both nationally and internationally.
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